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  Da‘wah: The Master-Key  

An article in an Arabic magazine headlined Al-Miftahul Azim (Master Key), citing da‘wah power as the greatest of all Islamic strengths, says that if in the past, Islam achieved its universal victories through da‘wah, today, it can turn its defeats into victories by the same method. 

Da‘wah is very much under discussion these days among Muslim writers and speakers. Its exponents, however, spend more time unraveling the plots and conspiracies hatched against them by non-Muslim nations than in practicing what they preach. That is to say that, on the one hand, they exhort Muslims to assume the role of da‘is while, on the other hand, they assure them with great vehemence that as far as the Muslims are concerned, all the nations of the world have turned into rapacious wolves and, as such, must be fought against and annihilated.

Both these utterances are made in the same breath, without any awareness of their contradictory nature, the one spelling peace and the other spelling war. And who are these nations who, day in and day out, are labeled oppressors and conspirators? They are those very non-Muslim nations who are the potential recipients of da‘wah. They are our mad‘u. The Muslims are the da‘is and their neighboring nations are mad‘u. Now, when da‘is are constantly having it dinned into them that the mad‘u is a cruel predator, there can be no arousal of any sincere missionary spirit as described in the Qur’an: the da‘i is truly a well-wisher of his mad‘u. 
Da‘wah is wholly an experience of love. The da‘i must be fully committed to guiding his mad‘u. Only then can the process of da‘wah be meaningful. The da‘is must ignore the antagonism and combativeness of the mad‘u; he must erase all adverse impressions of the mad‘u from his heart, so that he may spontaneously begin praying for the mad‘u’s guidance.
People talk of da‘wah without ever realizing its prerequisites. They want the credit for being da‘is without ever fulfilling its demands. They want the credit for communicating the divine message to man without paying the price for it. 
This is true not only of the weak Muslim minority in non-Muslim countries, but also of the Muslim majority living in Muslim countries. The only difference between these two categories is that the former have endless grievances against the local non-Muslim authorities, while the latter blame their woes on international non-Muslim powers such as the Jews, Christians, Orientalists, and so on. 
In Islam, the most important consideration of all is da‘wah. All other considerations, no matter how serious and important they may be, can be legitimately passed over in its favour. The Sunnah of the Prophet gives such clear guidelines on this subject as leaves no doubt in the mind of a lover of Truth.
Shortly before his migration to Madinah, the Prophet visited Ta’if. There, scorned by the inhabitants, he was subjected to the worst kind of humiliations, details of which can be had from Sirah books. The Prophet later told his wife Aisha that he had never had a harder day than the one in Ta’if. It was when the Prophet left Ta’if in great grief and sorrow that he was visited by the angel of the mountains at God’s command. He said to the Prophet, “God has heard what your people had said to you. I am the angel of the mount. If you ask me I can crush their settlement by these mountains”. The Prophet replied, “No, I am still hopeful that there will arise people among their following generations who will worship God without associating anything with Him.” (Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya li Ibn Kathir, vol. II, p. 153).
It is quite plain that da‘wah is the master key. But it takes a great heart to make use of it. It takes a character of the utmost sublimity, as it is described in the Qur’an (68:4). Only those who possess such qualities can recognize and utilize such opportunities as come their way.
God has made da‘wah the master key for believers for all time. Whatever the Muslims gained in the first phase of Islamic history was through da‘wah. Any future gains will likewise be through da‘wah, for the revolution brought about by the Prophet and his companions in world history is still making its impact. It has facilitated the process of da‘wah. It is still the super key to meaningful achievement in the world of religion. 
In modern times, the latest methods of communication have provided new avenues for the propagation of Islam. But even more important is the development of various branches of scientific research which have quite finally established the veracity of Islam. What was formerly achieved by our predecessors in circumstances fraught with great difficulty because of poor, or non-existent communications, and a lack of scientific proofs, can now be accomplished with comparative ease. 
Da‘wah is certainly the master key for believers. But it will prove to be so only when true Islamic prerequisites are kept in mind.
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