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  Call to God  

Call to God

Dawah work has been termed in the Quran ‘the call to God.’ In a hadith the Prophet of Islam predicted, “No house – small or big – shall remain but the word of God shall enter into it.” – Musnad Ahmad

According to this tradition of the Prophet in later times the word of God would enter every home in the world. This prediction has to come true before the end of time. This is indeed a Herculean task and requires a great number of motivated individuals and funds. There are nearly 7 billion people in the world, of which 1.8 billion are Muslims. If they understand their responsibility of spreading the Quran, the word of God can easily enter each and every home.

Thousands of men and women are dying every day without having had the message of the Quran conveyed to them; without having had the opportunity to accept it, they have missed their chance of improving their lives in the Hereafter. Since there is no other prophet who is to come to the world after the Prophet Muhammad, it is obligatory for all Muslims, as members of the Prophet's Ummah, to perform this task of conveying the message of the Quran to all mankind. The Prophet Muhammad himself assigned this responsibility to Muslims.

 “Allah has sent me as His messenger for all mankind. So do not differ with one another. And spread in the land and communicate my message to people inhabiting other places besides Arabia.” – Seerat Ibn Hisham 4/279

Therefore, the conveying of the message of the Quran to everyone, the responsibility for which has been placed on the Muslims, is not like an optional subject. This is a responsibility of such a nature that it has to be discharged at all costs. Our very eligibility to the Ummat-e-Muhammadi depends upon it. Therefore, dawah, the call to God, is the duty of the Muslim Ummah.

Muslims from around the world, having understood their responsibility of dawah, have joined Quran Foundation to spread the word of God so that it reaches all manking. They realize for the first time that it is their duty – as it is of every Muslim as an Ummah of the last Prophet – to tell others about the destination of man – that is the hereafter – and to tell them about the purpose of their creation or The Creation Plan of God. That is to make them aware that their life in this world is a test and that they are accountable to God and would be gathered before Him on the Day of Judgment. According to their deeds in this world God will either give them eternal bliss in Paradise or they will be doomed for eternal loss in Hellfire. This is what all the prophets, including the Prophet Muhammad, had come to warn mankind about.

Being born in a Muslim family we know about this purpose of life – the Creation Plan of God – but do not know that it is our duty as the Ummah of the last Prophet – Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) – to share the Truth with all mankind. This is a humble effort on the part of Quran Foundation.

Once people understand this responsibility they start in their own way of spreading the message of Islam to all mankind. Quran Foundation has been undertaking instutionalized dawah by making people aware of the Creation Plan of God by distributing copies of the Quran translations and supporting material and by making Muslims aware of their responsibility of dawah.  

We invite you to join Quran Foundation.


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