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  Dawah in Islam  

Addressing the Muslim Ummah, Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) has declared in the Quran,

“And thus we have made you the intermediary nation so that you may bear witness to all mankind and the Prophet may be a witness to you.”  (Quran 2: 48)

A commentator of the Quran has interpreted this Quranic verse in these words: “Muslims are an intermediary between the Prophet and the nations of the world” (Al-Tabari).
According to this, dawah work is obligatory upon the Muslim Ummah. It is the essential duty of Muslims to receive the divine message from the Prophet and convey it to rest of humanity, generation after generation.

Dawah is an ideological jihad. Dawah work is the most important work in Islam. Dawah is a power in itself. Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) says in the Quran, “Do great Jihad with the Quran. (al-Furqan) (25:52)”

Dawah is an integral part of imaan. Where there is fire there is heat. Similarly, where there is imaan there is dawah. Both are inseparable from one another.
What is dawah? Dawah is a natural expression of imaan. Imaan is a discovery of truth with a capital T and such a discovery always turns a man into a dayee. It becomes the mission of his life to spread the truth he has discovered.

This is dawah spirit and it was this dawah spirit which enabled the Muslims in previous centuries to bring nation after nation into the fold of Islam. That is why we find more than one billion Muslims throughout the world today.

In the thirteenth century, when the Mongol hordes destroyed the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad, again it was this dawah spirit which performed a miracle. Muslim men and women rose to the occasion. They engaged themselves in dawah work. The result was miraculous. Within a period of fifty years, the scene had completely changed. The enemies had been turned into friends. The majority of the Mongols had been brought into the fold of Islam.

A historian calls this event a dazzling victory for the faith of Muhammad. He further remarks that the religion of the Muslims had conquered where their arms had failed. Another historian has acknowledged this event in these words: “the conquerors have accepted the religion of the conquered.”

Now the time has come for Islam to play this revolutionary role once again. After the collapse of the communist system, the world is facing an ideological vacuum. It is Islam and Islam alone which can fill this universal gap. In 1990, TIME magazine of New York published a special report about the failure of communism. Meaningfully its caption was like this: Karl Marx makes room for Muhammad.

It is a factual statement. There is no doubt about it that Islam is potentially the ideological leader of the present world. This potential can be turned into actuality only if Muslims could stand to play their dawah role. Then, in the words of an American observer, “the twenty-first century will be the century of Islam.”

Dawah is another name for peaceful Islamic activism. Dawah work is the greatest work in Islam. It is a superior solution to all kinds of problems. Dawah is a guaranteed security for Muslims against people as is mentioned in the Quran: “O Prophet, do dawah work and Allah will save you from the people. (5: 67)” Even if you are faced with the enemy problem, engage yourself in dawah work and, according to the Quran, you will find, miraculously, that the enemy has been turned into your dearest friend. (Fussilat, 41:34)

We invite you to join the dawah mission.


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